The ultimate way of snacking

Cats love snacks – and as something small between meals, they provide welcome variety. But they need to be full of goodness and great for your cat. These delicious milk snacks are always popular, whether as liquid snacks in the convenient portion cups or the crispy crunchy dry snacks.


Liquid Snacks

The liquid milky snack that comes in the practical portion cups is versatile: Purely as a snack in between meals, a topping over food or added to drinking water.

  • milky liquid snacks
  • indulgence for those who like variety
  • no flavour enhancers
  • no soja, no sugar
  • no colouring pr preservatives

Crunchy Snacks

Simply better snacking: Milkies® Wellness crunchy pillows arent just crispy and tasty, they also help to support the cat’s well-being.

  • < 1,5 kcal/unit 
  • no grain
  • no soja
  • no colouring or preservatives
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