About us

In 1991, we started with the vision to manufacture high-quality pet food for cats and dogs. As part of the company group heristo AG, which was founded as a small butcher's shop, animonda is rooted in meat production. 

Our team of veterinarians and nutritionists work closely together with experts from leading German and European universities in order to ensure the manufacturing of high-quality pet food for cats and dogs. Hereby, the welfare of animals is for us most important of all. Therefore, all products are produced in accordance with the latest scientific research concerning a healthy and appropriate animal nutrition: natural, pure (unadulterated) and absolutely free of artificial colouring and flavouring. Selected fresh ingredients are prepared carefully to retain nutrients as intact as possible.

Started from scratch, animonda already counts as an internationally well-established supplier for high-quality pet food. By now, dog and cat owner in more than 35 countries use animonda products for the feeding of their animals.

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